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Mr. Peter David Kulyakwave

Welcome SUMAJKT Agri-Business Company Ltd (SACL)

SUMAJKT Agribusiness Company LTD (SACL) Is a registered company under SUMAJKT which pacts with agriculture, Livestock keeping, fisheries, Aquaculture, farm products industries together with all other related activities in Agribusiness chain. Registering SACL went in conjunction with the broader objectives of SUMAJKT, that is to use the opportunities that are available in Agriculture, livestock and fishery sectors in making sure that SUMAJKT attains its goal through creativity and hard work.


The company aims at becoming the most reliable Agribusiness company within and beyond Tanzanian Borders.


Creating a better platform by providing all goods and services that are in line with agriculture, livestock, fisheries and Aquaculture.


1. To own and operate big plantations for both food and commercial crops in and outside Tanzania. 
2. Completing the value chain in food processing. 
3. To produce high-quality marketable animal feeds. 
4. To work as an agribusiness and financial consultant firm. 
5. Conduct research, consultancy and make investments in the other related sectors. 
6. To become one of the largest partakers in the blue economy. 
7. To collaborate with other local and foreign investors with goodwill in the aspect of grains and logistics supply chain.


SUMAJKT Seeds co. Ltd

Sumajkt seed company ltd was registered on 03 February 2015 with registration number 09818. Its core functions are embraced in: -
1. Contract farming 
2. Seeds production 
3. Seeds processing
4. Seeds importation
5. Seeds exportation
The company produces the following seeds - Maize, millet, Sorghum, Paddy, Sunflower and Horticultural Seeds.


SUMAJKT Mngeta Plantation

Is located in the Morogoro region with an area of about 12,000 acres (4,800 ha). The farm is famous for rice, maize/corn, soybean, normal beans, sorghum, and cassava production. Additionally, SACL operates other farms including Bassotu in Hanang where sunflower and wheat are produced, SUMAJKT Chita farm - paddy and maize, and SUMAJKT- USA River horticultural section in the Arusha region.


SUMAJKT Agribusiness Company LTD (SACL) owns livestock ranch in Misenyi (Kagera-Region), livestock farms in Mafinga (Iringa), Oljoro, and Oldonyosambu (Arusha) where cattle, sheep, and goats are kept for dairy and beef purposes.

Why Work With Us?

Quality Service

We always deliver the highest standards of cleaning, fumigation, waste management, landscaping and gardening solutions.


We are always ready to adapt to the challenging schedules of our customers.

Healthy and Safety:

We are 100% compliant to OSHA requirements and other international standards at all times whether at the office or customers’ sites.

Modern Technology

Our use of modern equipment for cleaning, fumigation, waste management, landscaping and gardening enables us to deliver and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Eco-friendly Approach

Our persistent use of eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment ensures that our customers and all the places we work in are always protected.

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee total satisfaction with our professionally managed services.  Exceeding our customers’ expectations is our top priority.



We focus on the construction of aquaculture systems including RAS, cages and ponds. Production of fingerlings , fish feed processing, providing fish farming lesson together with fish farming.

SUMAJKT Meat Supply Project

Supplies: fresh chilled and unchilled, packed meat, and quality meats in Tanzania. It does direct supply, online selling, as well as through wholesalers. Our products are available in Dar es Salaam, Coast region, Lake zone, and Central regions. Our nearby plans are to spread our services all over Tanzania.

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